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Lisa Loeb

Yooo… Nerdy’s been hot.

Lisa Loeb was the first artist to have a number 1 single without a recording contract. She’s the quintessential hot nerd. Lisa has a cute and soft voice…but it’s about the eyeglasses. She stood out.

Billboard’s Hot 100 singles of 1994 are a collection of mostly cool/smooth artists…and Lisa rose to fame despite the crowd. The era was dominated by Hip Hop and R&B. Lisa wore cat glasses.

Times change, but us not so much. There’s always insiders, outsiders, and those teetering along the fringes.

Getting older just means getting better at recognizing common themes. Life is fuller when we see our similarities.

We’ve always been sharing our lives. Whether it’s on cave walls or in streams of 001100-010010, the only difference is reach.

…and the 90s was the golden era of music. We gonna need a bottle if you wanna debate this.

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