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It’s Pepero day! You may also know them as Pocky sticks. Either way, today’s eleven eleven.

Stand Up

What do you stand for? The last few years, I forgot myself. There’s a sliver of customer service in my job. So the job had me lost for a while. When we’re always working for other people’s needs, it’s too easy to forget our own.

Dogma is living with the consequences of other people’s thinking. We shape our own world. People of lesser talent have dinged the universe. How are you? Grit makes it.

Willpower is a limited resource. We move more when we spend our willpower on what’s most important. Live purposefully by having the will to do and the will to not do. Standing up is living with intent.

Love and hate. Have both. Find someone who hates the same shit and love is in the air.

Need a loving moment? Let’s hate some shit together…

Animal Print – you’re not a leopard, ladies. Maybe a cheetah…but cheetahs never prosper. Catwoman doesn’t have spots or stripes because it’s not sexy. If you fully own the look and coordinate, that’s fine I guess. Looking loud just ain’t my thang.

People – I’m almost a misanthrope. I love persons. Not fond of people. Crowd mentality usually leads to no good. Some assembly’s required, but too often are we led astray. Be above the herd…not the king trampled by it.

Drivers – self-driving cars is the next step towards world peace. If you want to witness the worst of mankind, commute in LA or work in IT. Everyone becomes a moron.

Cassette Tapes – nostalgia’s for vinyls. Heaven has no sequential rewinding/forwarding. It was fun sticking a pencil in the spokes and spinning the cassette to jump to favorite tracks, but good riddance.

Carlos – dude’s a douche.

Stand up, stand by, and stand for what we love and what we hate.

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