2 of 30

Today’s a two-fer. I started my 30 day writing challenge a day late in November, so here’s to truing up.

The Writing Power

Writing is defining. It’s clarity and revealing…hence we say expose.

I’ve always been encouraged to write. It started in fifth grade. Homework was to write a short story. I handed in a short about an ankle-height cowboy hero, whose good deeds go unnoticed, and eventually gets kicked so hard and high he becomes the imprint on the moon. Mrs. Jones had me read it aloud in front of the class.

I entered kindergarten under a special program where English was a second language, so we “foreigners” got some mansplaining on speaking American. My first words were Korean. But English has been mine since 3 years old. School played me safe and it’s not okay.

Each new school year, every English teacher would pull me aside and encourage writing. So I eventually wrote the school play.

I started behind and by high school I was entered into honors level English class. Then friends would ask me to edit their college entrance essays. Constructive criticism ain’t always easy to swallow. Still, we survive.

Our favorite song…it was first written. Beloved movies begin written. Even speech is feeling to thought written then spoken.

Grit. Dare to influence.

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  1. Funny, I was just thinking about Mrs. Jones and our stories for this particular assignment the other day. Remember the drawings we did to go with our stories?

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