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What Would You Do with a Billion Dollars?

I like asking questions. Good questions come back with great answers.

Open-ended questions give wiggle room for interpretation, so people offer their perspective. The question about becoming an instant billionaire shows someone’s priorities. A lot of times, people say they’d travel the world. Other people simply want to buy a house. And some often say they’d save it and live off the interest. Few people say they’d solve world hunger. Most of us aren’t where we’d like to be.

Everyone loves a good listen. Life is complex, wondrous, and colorful. It’s all on perspective. Even through the worst of times, Life is Beautiful.

Struggle is real. So we give our best to the future by showing how life should be…not always how it is right now.

“How’s it going?” It’s such a common and simple question that everyone answers bored, simple, and common. “I’m good.” Yes, it’s a dull question. We know it’s coming. And so, we can answer uniquely. We can participate in boredom, or we can level up the interest.

What’s your favorite question?

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