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Work Jazz

What do you listen to while working? I love how music sets the mood.

When I’m reading or writing, I love some easy-listening jazz or rain falling by the window. It helps draw focus.

Exercising definitely needs a beat. Get my blood going. We’re getting strong now.

Drive in lame traffic, and I shuffle through Indies. I need the color and creativity in sounds to carry my day-dreaming. There’s so many other things I’d rather do than sit steering a tin box.

Great films have amazing music. The music shapes the moment. Directors and composers understand that movies are 1/3 video and 2/3 audio. We’re most engaged when the music embraces what we’re seeing. It helps us live the moment.

What’s your soundtrack?

Phones, TVs, AirPods, etc. We now live without quiet moments. We choose what we hear at any given part of the day. So then, how are we managing our moods? Poppa can only stomach so much Baby Shark.

Our sole defining quality is that we can change our environment. Stress is natural. When we’re intentional on choosing what to hear, we control our direction.

Take an active stance on life. Listen to what you need.

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