Any Openings? I’m Looking.

I’m super cereal.

I’m tech-savvy, artistic, and have a decent business mind.  It’s about time I reapply myself.

I spent most of my life volunteering.  I’ve gone on church missions bringing food and healthcare to impoverished neighborhoods.  I’ve spent weekends running errands in hospitals and got awkwardly hit-on by grandmas with exquisite tastes in Asian men during board games at the local elderly community.  My most fun donated years were the times helping build a creative outlet for underrepresented ethnic minorities desiring a voice in entertainment.

So now, I’m seeking again.  Do you know a good cause that could use an extra hand?

I ain’t looking for a new job.  Youz think I crazy?!  My career’s awesome.  But…there must be more than this provincial life.  I’m just itching to be more than myself.

Happiness is helpfulness.  I miss being a good person.

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