[Assume Witty Title]

Looks like I didn’t publish here at all in 2018.

Anyway…wtf WordPress?! Your word editor is shit. NEVER spackle over the canvas. This platform is supposed to be for writing. When writing, we want to see the entire text and sprawling layout. I appreciate your helpful intent. You’re in the way.

For example…


Your palette buttons are hovering over the sentences.

I need to see all my text at all times. Always. Every word is a stroke on the canvas. I monitor every past word as I plot the next stroke. If you and I were actors playing out a scene, you’z talkin over my lines!

My Dear WordPress, I say this as old friends. Get off the field! There’s a game playing in the middle, so keep your craft services at the sidelines. I also lost tremendously in fantasy football. Sorry to take it out on you. We cool bro. But fix your shit. And, we cool.

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