Made America Great Again

Here we are again. We’re back. We’re back to the Great Depression. Back to civil unrest. Your George Floyd is my Rodney King. How does a single victim spark a riot?

The one true reason riots hit the streets is economics. Poverty and unemployment brew violence. You can point a finger at racism, but ignorance and bigotry lead to community and organization. Riots are rage and disorder. Dis-oOo-or-rrderr.

At the time of the LA Riots, the unemployment rate in affected LA was up to 18% with a poverty rate of almost 45%. Today, we have 40 million people unemployed with the most galactic gap in wealth of any society. Civil wars are about poverty.

Economics is the distribution of resources. When we’re forcibly stripped of our resources and our leaders leave to let us die, it only takes a single split end in the hairs of justice to burst into flames. This ain’t brain surgery. Test it for yourself. Find a really hungry pregnant lady and then smack the french fries out of her hand. Hold onto your riot shield.

Riots and societal chaos is beyond easy to prevent – Potato. Taters were once viewed as too ugly to be edible. It wasn’t food. King Frederick II (aka Old Fritz) used reverse psychology to create perceived value in the potato and then stealthily allowed peasants to steal from his fields. He fed them. Old Fritz reinvented the tater and now we can all have lots of tots about it.

You may see racism. You may see injustice and a putrid abuse of power. You should see that you’re poor. You should see how easily power is taken from you. You need to see that old laws and out-dated economics has a knee on your neck. We need to be a culture where all persons have dignity and no one is too poor to live. It’s safer. Heck, it’s even prettier. I like pretty.

Alas, here we are. History repeating itself. As promised.

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