New Daily

A blog a day.

A blog a day, 5 days a week.  I’m going to update my website daily.

I’ve set many goals in my life.  I’ve accomplished none.  All my goals were always conservative, carved specifically to be obtainable.  My goals were drawn with simple finish lines set in sight…and I can’t recall crossing a single banner.

Writing every day seems plausible.  But, the weight of 12 hour work days, and coming home to scoop cat shit, lifts a daily blog into a lofty goal.

Expect the quality to go down.  Rants may rise and grammar may dwindle.  I don’t care anymore.

Welcome.  Read my mid-life crisis.  George dyed his hair.  Tommy got tattooed.  Janie got a gun.  Everyone needs to find a way to free themselves from their trap.  I’ll write.  It’s how I kill stress.

No more goals.  I’m setting a mandate.  There’s no finish line for these new dailies.  I’m just going to write.  Because anywhere writing takes me is better than here.

– John

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