[Script] Roommates

I tried learning how to write screenplays a couple of years ago.

I tried learning screenplay formats a couple of years ago.  Here’s one scene I wrote:



John is in the middle of drinking a fresh beer in a single swig.  There’s a mess of empty beer bottles and pizza boxes laying around the coffee table in front of him.  Sounds of sports come from the television.

(lets out a massive belch)

John gets up off the couch and makes his way to the bathroom, badly in need to piss.


John approaches the bathroom.  He finds the door slightly ajar and proceeds to walk in.

Oh shi–

Paul’s sitting on the toilet, reading with his pants to his ankles.

Yea, that’s what I was trying to do until you just barged in.

You left the door open.  How was I supposed to–

I didn’t want to stink up the bathroom.  I was trying to be considerate.

(wafting the smell away from his face)
Well, you should consider how your Taco Tuesdays are murdering the plants.

Mark suddenly opens the bathtub curtain.  He’s sitting in a bubble bath with duckies and a beer.

(looks disapproving of the chatter)
How’s a guy supposed to relax with all this bitching going on?  (He takes a sip of his beer).

(confused, while also curious)
Seriously?  Uh, which one of you were in here first?

Paul gives a modest shrug while glancing over at Mark.  Mark is daydreaming with his finger deep inside his nose.  He examines his booger, gives it a flick, then reaches into the water between his legs and pulls out a soggy sandwich.

Nice.  You got another one of those?  I just made some room.

(searches the bathtub)
…mmmm…here ya go.

John mugs at the camera like a classic sitcom gag, acknowledging the idiocy of the situation.  Suddenly, Luke shoves John aside and enters the bathroom.  Luke is completely casual as if the situation were a typical day.

(nudging Paul)
Can you scoot over a little?  I’ve gotta piss.

John, smirking while shaking his head, tosses his hands up and walks out of the ridiculous scene.



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