Not sure why Youtube recommends this stuff to me, but I’ll easily get lost binging tours of modified living vans aka #VanLife. I love a good fantasy. This is not okay. Vans are for trips; short or long…not forever.

Hashtag VanLife and look at the pictures. If you see youthful and beautiful people, they’re on a trip (short or long). If you see children, they’re a family in poverty. If you see no one, they’re FBI. Either way, #VanLife is more than presented.

VanLife is only supposed to be a luxury. You’re on an adventure. Free from commitment, you’re a rev away from your next destination. Pick up and go; you can afford it. It’s a hunt.

After working a conventional job, coming back to sleep upon wheels is poverty.

Don’t glamorize a daily oatmeal and coffee inside a van. Glam me the outer landscape. If you can’t sleep outside the van, there ain’t no glam. You’re f@#$ing broke. This is not okay.

#VanLife sells a dream…a vacation. It’s not okay to change daily diapers in a van down by the river. We’re okay to sleep small. We’re not okay to survive small. I think it’s awesome to sleep in a van to wander the greater landscape. I think it’s shit to sleep in a van to live. We can do better.

I dream of doing best with less. Minimalism and unadulterated freedom is bliss.

Reality is abundance. Reality is commitment. Reality is rooted in the fact that society has excessively given to those who can dream at the expense of those who can only dream. For us living in scarcity, we can only dream.

Is only a dream okay? We live in reality. Where we sleep and how small we sleep is not enough. America is not where you only dream. America is where dreams become reality. America’s not supposed to only sell the dream…Americans create the dream. We live it, through sickness and in health, give me your tired, your poor…because America creates dreams into reality. And we create big. We can create better. No one is too poor to have dignity. Circumstance is not the dream. We must be better…for each other…with each other. Forever.


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