Why’s Everyone On Facebook Discriminating?

Everyone’s a rainbow!

Why has everyone turned their Facebook profile picture into a rainbow?  Not cool to color-blindians, yo.  Gays and lesbians finally got their right to marry legalized by the Supreme Court.  Now that bigots have been disarmed of one more community to exclude, people are turning to discriminate against the color blind.  Read my lips.  Tear down this rainbow!

No more color lines.  There are no red states.  There are no blue states.  There are only the 50 states of grey.

I get it.

A landmark ruling passes our Supreme Court, so we’re celebrating.  But, is rainbow-fying your Facebook profile picture the best you can do?  Ladies, if you’re really celebrating, how about changing your profile picture into one of you tongue-kissing your hottest girlfriend?  It’s a celebration!  Fellas, we cool.  Keep calm and rainbow on.

We live in a socially networked world.  The power of our connections is in sharing our actions, not our reactions.

I’d love to see what you’ve done for the day.  Hug a stranger, then post pictures.  Adopt a kitten, then you best post hella pictures.

I care about what you do.  I don’t care about what you believe.  Social media should be an avenue to share the events of our lives.  Yet, we’ve fallen victim to sharing link-bait articles, time-wasting Vines, and everything else Buzzfeed.  Does this encapsulate who we are?  Or was the purpose to pressure each of us to take extraordinary actions in our lives, so we each have something worth sharing?

Again, I get it.  Love won.  But, what are your last acts of love?  Please share.

3 thoughts on “Why’s Everyone On Facebook Discriminating?”

  1. Though I agree social media is little more than an avenue on which distractions congregate, I’ve never deluded myself in imagining it was anything more than that. A form of entertainment; occasionally good news and bad news are passed viraly, but the sum total of social media’s substance is not revolution, but the dissemination of passing moments each individual seems worth sharing or aligning with their personal identity. If you ca show me true change resulting from anything beyond grass roots campaigning, I will obviously feel differently. However, in a world where the masses think clicking ‘like’ is the equivalent of signing a petition or reposting articles about a demonstration is the equivalent of attending it, I am weary of what people attribute to the ‘power of social media’. In the mean time I will celebrate what I consider a great triumph in the face of a system designed to fight change and keep the power in the hands of the powerful and suppress the will and desires of a society who reached modernity far too many years ahead of its government.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Eli! I’m all for celebrating. I only ask, is this the best we can do? Must we do more?

    The best I can hope for is to stimulate a little thought. Given your insight, I’ll consider this mission accomplished. 🙂 I hope you at least took away a little chuckle. I’m for humor above all.

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