You Marched. Now Run.

I see a plethora of posts of varying political opinions…as if we’re all dying to convince each other to change ideals. Convictions never flip. You each are strong. We all are proud.
Know this – you are not represented. Marching in solidarity changes nothing. Our elected officials no longer respect public opinion. The seated don’t care about popular sentiment. Fads wane.
Be the change you want to see in the world.
Rhetoric and public demonstration does not sway incumbents. Don’t just march. Stand. We carve a better world by standing out from the crowd, not simply within it.
New candidates seek to garner the will of the people. Incumbents vie for financial contributions from those of influence.
So, run.
Accountability and integrity only comes from competition. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. We birth a better nation from having tremendous amounts of competitors thirsty to overtake a seat at the table. Be the voice.  Weaken money in politics. Introduce a new fragility and show the world that no old authority, no tenured incumbent, no CEO, and no financial heavyweight can hold a seat against competition. Run.

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