You Should Have Two Computers

To those of us who now work from home……have at least two computers – a work computer and a private computer. You. Know. Why.

Screensharing is tricky. It’s uncensored exposure of your computer, so keep it clean. Be a professional. The amount of porn crumbs flashed at me during a screenshare of your desktop is too high. Just keep it simple and segregate the duties. Keep one computer dedicated for your work…and keep a different computer for your love.

No, I won’t privately pull you aside and help clear your dignity. You can keep flashing links to your favorite step families for all I care. I ain’t fending off an endless stream of tuggin’ Toobins. I’m the warning, not the fix.

We need lines in our lives. Working from home successfully means intentionally defining clear lines separating phases in our days. Get dressed into your office clothes even if no one will see you. Dress the part. Pajamas all day is bad for your health.

Life will never be the same. There’s no going back to the same routines before the pandemic. This natural disaster proved that the internet is essential for our lives and should be treated as a public utility. Everyone needs to have the right to access the same internet. The days of commuting to a community office building are dead. If you’re waiting for the world around you to spin the other way, pack some food and a hoodie…I’ll ping you when the never train arrives.

December is the month of reflection. When I look back on my year, I know I wasted too much time. I should have been more productive with all of the extra hours. But I think the same thing every December. A pandemic doesn’t mean I stop doing better in life. I own my life.

I hope you’re well.

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